Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Minnesota Health Dept. had a sobering announcement Monday stating there are now a total of 54 positive coronavirus (COVID-19) cases throughout the state, including the second case in Olmsted County.

Three of the new cases came from the Twin Cities area and all had no known exposure to a COVID-19 case or had traveled to high-risk areas. Officials say this indicates the virus is now circulating in certain communities and likely others. Olmsted County health officials said Monday they do NOT suspect transmission is occurring at this time in this area.

Mayo Clinic infectious disease expert Dr. Gregory Poland says one problem is that most people who become infected with the virus may not realize it because they won't develop symptoms. He says "The majority of people who get infected with this virus will never know it."  He says this could be as high as 80-percent of those who become infected. Listen to the entire Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Q&A segment below:

Mayo Clinic Laboratories has been testing cases since last Thursday and as of Sunday had checked more than 500 samples. Mayo announced last week it had developed a test for the virus. Mayo’s current capacity is 200-300 tests per day but hopes to soon increase that to 1,000 tests per day.

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