Emma is in her second year as an MVC. She graduated from Mayo High School in 2014 (and was on the Mayo Dance team), is a full time student at the University of Minnesota and was inspired to try out after talking with Brooklyn.  “After talking with her I felt really inspired and knew that it was something I wanted to do. Once that idea got into my head I was determined! My first year I tried out, I didn't make the team but I was invited to training program where I was given the resources and feedback needed to help me succeed in making the team this year.” Said Emma. I always have wondered if cheerleaders work out/practice with their hair down so they are used to is on game day, or if its uncomfortable to have your hair flying around.  “When it comes to practice, we also like to mimic gameday and try and make them as similar as possible. so this means practicing with full hair as well so we can really perfect those hair whips! We have a 45-60 minute workout at the beginning of each practice where we also wear our hair down.” said Emma.  Get to know more about Emma in her bio on Vikings.com.

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