It's a thing, texting your textdoor neighbor. If you have no idea what that means - don't worry, neither did I. Apparently it's a social trend encouraging people to text the phone number next digit down or up. So for example, if your phone number is 507-555-5551, you'd text 507-555-5552.

There's definitely some mixed reactions with this though. Some people love it and some people are super annoyed. And of course with every trend there's potential dangers to consider as well.

The Doctors discussed why this isn't a good idea for teens.

Here's some texting interactions when people texted their textdoor neighbor. There's definitely some mixed reactions. The humor wins the Internet today though. Right?

Would you or have you texted your textdoor neighbor? I texted one of my and had no response. lol. I will keep you posted!

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