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Five years ago, the very first Cat Café opened in Minneapolis, Minnesota and a couple months ago the owners added a second location. If you love cats and coffee this might be your favorite thing ever. You can find out what a Cat Café is and learn more about this unique Minnesota business below.


What Is A Cat Café?

According to Business InsiderThe concept started in countries like Japan and Taiwan and later caught on in the United States. The cafés have two separate areas, a traditional café and cat room. Guests order a coffee or tea in the café and enter another room to drink their beverage with cats.

Where Is Minnesota's Cat Café?

Café Meow is designed for people that love cats, coffee, and baked goods like muffins.


The original Café Meow is located at 2317 Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The second is located at 3524 Winnetka Ave N in New Hope. 

The owners get their cats from local animal shelters with the goal of having customers adopt them.


FYI, I am a cat owner and I love to see people working to get pets adopted, but I do have some questions.

Are there lint rollers on site or do you bring your own?

Does the place smell like a giant litter-box? I have to imagine they've figured out a way to prevent any bad odors.

If you've ever been to a cat café, I'd love to hear about your experience - You can chat with me on our app. 

The cafés are split in two rooms. One for food and beverage and the other for chilling  with the cats.

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