Imagine your partner says they're going to surprise you with an incredible 5-course meal at this delicious restaurant. You're super excited! You get all ready to go and then... you pull up to a gas station? Little do you know, inside this gas station is an amazing restaurant!

It's true, there's a restaurant that's hidden inside a Minnesota gas station. If you drove by you'd never know there was a restaurant in there. I've driven by this place many times since the restaurant opened inside and I never knew it was there.

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Mexican Restaurant Hidden Inside an Eagan, Minnesota Gas Station

The gas station is a BP in Eagan, Minnesota. It's just off of 35E on Diffley Road.

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It looks so unassuming!

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But this place holds a tasty restaurant that, every once in a while, hosts some incredible 5-course meals inside the gas station.

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Delicious Mexican Restaurant Inside a Minnesota Gas Station

The restaurant is called El Sazon Tacos and More and they serve up some incredible looking food.

Chef and co-owner Cristian De Leon and his wife Karen opened El Sazon in March 2022. So they just recently celebrated their 2-year anniversary!

Cristian is an insanely talented chef who has had his work featured in many other places around the Twin Cities, including at Allianz Field where he's been a guest chef for games, Minneapolis Magazine's Restaurant Week, and plenty of private catering events.

He loves sharing his Latin roots (he's originally from Guatemala) incorporated with "flavors from around the world" that he fell in love with while learning his craft.

Their ingredients are "locally sourced" and the food is "prepared fresh daily". It sounds and looks so good! And if you want a super cool experience, check out one of their 5-course meal events that they call 'Night at the Gas Station'.

5-Course Meals Inside Eagan, MN BP Gas Station

They just hosted their 6th one in March:

They set up tables around the gas station and Chef Cristian prepares an incredible 5-course menu for the evening. Tickets go fast when they announce these events, just so you know in case you're really itching to go some time.

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