You've heard the old saying "when pigs fly." Well, what about when pigs "learn to ride recreational toys meant for humans?"

Pet pigs are a bit unusual to see, but hey, it is the Midwest. But this pig is into some pretty unusual hobbies, at least for a pig. Norbert is a 150-pound black and white pig that belongs to Vincent and Alicen Baran. And as UPI reports Norbert has some fairly unusual interests for a pig. He loves rock music, and he loves to skateboard.

As Vincent Baran told WLS-TV, "people love seeing a pig do things that normally pigs don't do." How did Norbert learn the art of skateboarding? Vincent said that he took one of his old skateboards and put it out one day on the driveway. Within seven days, Norbert was able to get up on the skateboard and push off with his other hooves. He took to it like a pig to slop.

UPI reports that the couple has taught Norbert some other tricks like shaking hands and spinning. But as you might expect the skateboarding gets the most attention in the small Illinois town of Buffalo Grove. Alican told WLS-TV that while Norbert's riding isn't always graceful, "it's just the craziest thing to see him kind of roll on by."

UPI reports that Norbert has another love. Recreating music videos of his favorite rock bands! His social media page includes the pig starring in famous videos from bands like Blink 182 and New Found Glory. Make no mistake, this is one cool pig.

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