Miley Cyrus doesn’t go camping — she goes glamping.

At least, that’s the only explanation we have for the pop star’s somewhat bizarre, high-end camping style. Her checklist seemed to include: rock stars, models, lingerie, high heels, fast food, camo gear and apple pie-flavored moonshine. Not quite the average list of equipment you find in nature guides.

Still, Miley and friends seemed to have a good time as they partied by a campfire and posed for increasingly strange photos.

She kicked off her adventure with a creepy shot of a cloud-shrouded moon, followed by a photo of one of her model pals in a floral bra holding a carton of McDonald’s fries. Where are you camping that there are fast food chains, Miley?

She then posted a pic of someone wearing mega high stilettos, which is pretty impressive if you take a look at the rocky, uneven ground. Hopefully no one left with scraped knees or a sore bottom!

Miley packed a rock star, too! Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips enjoyed a nap on a hammock, while a girl and a guy she dubbed “#themodels” enjoyed some drinks on a bench.

Even her uncle Mick was there!

According to the singer, her glamping trip was a “#whitetrashrager.”

Miley, how much of that apple pie moonshine did you have? She tagged the photo “88 proof” when the bottle says “83”!

In case a bear appears sniffing out the greasy scent of McDonald's fries, you can try hiding in the woods with some camo jackets! Er, don't take our word for that, Miley.

But really, we're not passing judgement -- they all look like they had a blast!

PopCrushers, would you ever try out Miley's style of camping?

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