Warning: What you're about to read is truly horrific.

This guy is pure evil... I can't imagine for one second what kind of nightmare these two women were living. According to a story by Paul Walsh of The Star Tribune, a 51-year-old Minneapolis man is accused of beating his twin daughters, chaining them to a bedroom door and even raping them for years. Authorities say the man was upset that one of the twins had become sexually active and felt they were eating too much. To make matters even worse, both of them are now in their 20's and mentally disabled.

Jerry Lee Curry was charged this week with several felonies, including first-degree criminal sexual conduct, first- and second-assault and abuse of a vulnerable adult. The charges and a protective order against the suspect also reveal he fathered two children by one of the twins.

Police are still trying to locate the girls' mother.

It's a miracle these two women were finally able to escape this torturous lifestyle and seek some help!

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