This penthouse for sale in Minneapolis, Minnesota is absolutely drool-worthy. It's so beautiful and the views are to die for!

It's on the top level of the new 5-star hotel in downtown Minneapolis called the Four Seasons. It's very fancy.

Cynthia Froid Group
Cynthia Froid Group
Cynthia Froid Group
Cynthia Froid Group

And that deck up at the very top, on the 36th floor, do you see that?

Cynthia Froid Group
Cynthia Froid Group

That would be your deck if you were to own this penthouse. Pretty amazing, right?

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Of course, the price tag is hefty at $6.9 million. An interesting thing about the property, though, is that because it's new, whoever buys it gets to put their own finishing touches on the place.

So right now there's no final flooring or anything like that, all of those design pieces are up to the buying. As someone who loves interior design, I think this would be so much fun to do!

Four Seasons Minneapolis

A quick note about the Four Seasons. It opened in the summer of 2022 and is the first 5-star hotel in Minnesota.

What does a 5-star hotel even mean? That means they meet a certain set of criteria. According to Five Star Alliance, this includes:

  • Fine dining restaurant(s) and a standalone lounge and/or bar
  • Childcare options including vetted babysitting service
  • Luxurious robes and slippers
  • At least four types of spa treatments
  • Pillow menu
  • Yoga or fitness equipment available for use in-room

And that's just a few of the items on a very long list. So this place is super fancy. And you could own the penthouse at the very top of it all.

Minnesota Penthouse with Stunning Views Listed for $6.9 Million

A penthouse for sale in Minneapolis, Minnesota has insane views! The penthouse is at the top floor of the Four Seasons Hotel.

Gallery Credit: Carly Ross

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