A Minnesota baker with a Duluth connection is about to be a Food Network star...again!

You may have heard of Maddie Lu. She has appeared on various shows on the Food Network over the years and has made a name for herself nationwide and in Minnesota! She even has a bakery underway in Duluth.

Now, we get the chance to see her on television once again. She announced the exciting news on her Facebook page Friday (June 11). She kept details of her role mum but she did confirm that she will be on Buddy Vs. Duff next month.

The premise of the show pits two famous bakers against each other to determine who is the best creator of them all. Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman are both famous bakers and compete in a handful of challenges to determine who is on top.

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Each baker gets a team to help them complete challenges each week. The show has been on for two seasons and this one will be the third. What makes the show special is that both Buddy and Duff are Food Network stars in their own right.

The new season premieres on Sunday, July 18th. We will have to wait and see if Maddie Lu is a judge, as there are judges each episode, or a member on one of the teams! Either way, it is going to be awesome to see her on the show.

In case you aren't familiar with Maddie Lu just yet, she is a baker from Anoka who is making a name for herself in the industry. She has bakeries across the state, including in the Mall of America and Coon Rapids.

Soon, she will have a bakery right here in Duluth! She had a pop-up bakery at the Miller Hill Mall over the holidays last year. In May, she announced she was making the shop permanent. The bakery sells sweet treats like macarons, cookie dough and cupcakes. Drool.

While we don't have an exact opening date for the new Duluth location, Maddie Lu did state that it should be open sometime within the first few weeks of June. It looks like we have a bunch of reasons to celebrate in the near future!

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