It's already illegal to text and drive, but now, we are inching closer to banning use of cell phones in general (unless it's hands free). Here are the details. 

Fourteen states already enforce the "hands-free" law, and Minnesota could be joining them in the near future.

"If it becomes law, the ban on handheld device usage would take effect July 1st and would have the same penalties as Minnesota’s texting ban: $50 for a first offense and an additional $225 for subsequent offenses." - This according to the Pioneer Press. 

"The bill is in the process of being introduced and will become public at some point this week."

Governor Mark Dayton hasn't taken a position on the proposal, but in 2015 he was in favor of increased penalties for repeat violators of the Minnesota’s texting while driving law.

I personally LOVE my Bluetooth technology in my car. I didn't realize how much of a difference it made until I had the ability to use it. So, this really wouldn't effect me too much. How do YOU feel about it?

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