Craft beer brewers are constantly working to come up with new and exotic varieties of beer for consumers to enjoy. This may be the most exotic one yet!

According to the Associated Press, Twin Cities-based Excelsior Brewing Company “is launching a new ale made with invasive species — zebra mussel shells and Eurasian milfoil, an underwater plant — pulled fresh from Lake Minnetonka.”

They’ve named this new brew Milfoil Lakehouse Saison Ale and the company touts it as having an "exotic, invasive flavor."

A spokesperson for Excelsior Brewing Company told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the mussel shells and milfoil are more for novelty than flavor. Other ingredients in the beer include hops, honey and wild rice.

Zebra mussels and Eurasian Milfoil are two invasive species that have caused problems in waterways throughout Minnesota and they continue to spread. At least Excelsior Brewing is finding one good, and maybe even tasty, way to make something good out of them!

While this new brew probably won’t be featured at Rochester on Tap, there will be many different exotic beers from around the state, country and world to try. Don’t miss it!

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