If Rochester Bars Were Rochester Girls
Okay, I know I'm picking on my own gender here - but I couldn't help but make these observations.
I've been in Rochester since July of 2016, and I'm proud to say that I've frequented several different bars in the area. While I've been out, I've noticed a few, well..…
Byron Beer Thief Caught
Byron, MN (KROC AM News) - A Byron man who discovered someone had been stealing beer and wine from his garage set up a camera to catch the thief - and it worked.
Drink Wheaties Beer for Work? Why Not?
If your memory is better than some, you may recall an August post announcing a limited-edition Wheaties beer was coming to select Minnesota markets, namely the Twin Cities.
Through some dogged determination and many likely annoying phone calls, we were able to score two cans of this hefeweisen (wheat…

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