This is truly disturbing!

I could never imagine why anyone would want to hurt their own flesh and blood in this way. It literally turns my stomach just thinking about it.

Credit: Clay County Jail

According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, a man from Moorhead, Minnesota (if you can even call him that) is accused of rubbing hot sauce and cayenne pepper in the eyes of his 2-month-old daughter and keeping her from breathing until she turned blue.

Thirty-one-year-old Shawn Foltz is charged with several felonies, including neglect of a child, and malicious punishment of a child.

Authorities say he also snapped her with a towel, burned her by spraying hot water in her face and even threw fireworks at her, all while blaming the injuries on the babies 3-year-old brother.

What's worse, Foltz also admitted to police that he had been doing these horrible things to the baby for the past month in a half, and while at work he would think of ways to harm the baby further.

Our thoughts are certainly with this little baby and her brother...

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