A report released by Blue Cross Blue Shield of America revealed that Minnesota has one of the highest rates of major depression in the U.S. Nearly 6% of the state has been diagnosed with major depression. Rochester is among one of the highest cities in Minnesota with 6.4%.

  • Women living in Minnesota tied with Maine for having the highest depression diagnosis rate in the country, with a rate of 8.1%
  • Men in Minnesota were above their national average of 2.8%, with a 3.7% depression diagnosis rate
  • Minnesota’s millennials ranked second highest behind Utah, with a depression rate of 6.3%
  • Minnesota adolescents (ages 12-17) showed a depression rate of 3.9%, while the national average for that age group is 2.6%
  • In Rochester, 6.4% of the city has been diagnosed with major depression. Of that, 6.3% are millennials - 9% women, 4.1% men.

The report says the rate of major depression nationwide has risen dramatically by 33% since 2013, with the most dramatic rise among people under 35.

Rhode Island has the highest major depression diagnosis rate at about 6 percent. Minnesota, Utah, and Maine are also among the highest rated states. Hawaii shows the lowest rate at about 2%. Nearly all 50 states (with the exception of Hawaii) saw a rise in depression diagnosis over the past few years.


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