There are many ways one can lose their job these days, but this appears to be a new one... especially for a high school coach.

These days when I hear of someone suddenly losing their job, my mind usually jumps to wondering just what it was they said online. (Roseanne, anyone?) But this story from CBS-Minnesota is a bit odd because the woman in the story essentially lost her job because she isn't married.

What?!? Hello, it's 2018-- not 1918, isn't it?

Can one really lose their job because they're not married?!? Well, as usual, there's more than meets the eye here. The story says Melissa Marti has been the head dance coach at Cathedral High School, a Catholic school, in New Ulm (a little under two hours west of Rochester along Highway-14) since 2003. But she recently was told her contract wasn't be renewed.

Why? Because she lives with her fiancee and son-- and they're not married.

And, the story says, that didn't sit right with the New Ulm Area Catholic Schools. It went on to say she was given two option to keep her job: She could either "Alter her living arrangements so she’s not cohabitating before marriage," the story said, or she could get married-- by June 15th.

The story said Marti did not comply with either of those options-- even though they're planning to get married next year-- saying what she does in her private life has no bearing on her teaching.

So, yeah. She's essentially out of a job because she's not married. Weird, but true.

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