If you could put any amenity into your house, what would you pick? Some people would want a huge kitchen, or maybe a super nice jetted tub. Others are kids at heart and want a bowling alley and go-cart track, which is exactly what's in this Minnesota home for sale!

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You would easily be the coolest people if you owned this house. A personal go-cart track and personal bowling alley is absolutely something to brag about.

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This house, which is in Deerwood, MN, is also on a TON of land with part of that land being the shoreline of Birch Lake.

Michael Boege, Coldwell Banker Realty via Zillow
Michael Boege, Coldwell Banker Realty via Zillow

There are also other sweet amenities that aren't in any pictures, but I learned about them in the listing. There's an "authentic woodburning sauna" and a separate bunkhouse for guests.

And for those who are all about energy efficiency stuff like me, this house has a "geothermal heating and cooling system". The listing says that this means the average utilities per month are less than $300. This house is 5,500 sqft by the way, so that's pretty amazing!

Let's check out this house!

Minnesota Home for Sale Comes with Personal Go-Cart Track and Bowling Alley

This Minnesota home for sale not only is on a beautiful lake, it also has some sweet amenities like a personal go-cart track and bowling alley.

Gallery Credit: Carly Ross

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