Warning: this post may be sensitive to some readers. It's about to get very real.

The State of Minnesota is buying a warehouse that will serve as a "storage for human remains" during the coronavirus pandemic. According to Bring Me The News, "the $6.9 million purchase serves as a grim reality that Minnesota is facing during the pandemic."  However, the space is not limited to just COVID-19 victims.

Social distancing has made it impossible to have a proper funeral service, forcing many people that recently lost a loved one to postpone the memorial. At this point, funeral homes have run out of "storage" space. Minnesota's goal - avoid an Italy or New York situation, where they were not able to handle the surge of fatalities and had to bury people in shallow graves:

We want to provide a facility where we can properly, safely and with the appropriate dignity and respect that we think we owe our fellow Minnesotans and their families, to temporarily store them until their families are ready to lay them to final rest. - The Director of Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management tells Bring Me The News

Gov. Tim Walz said that he expects the state to reach 1,000 COVID-19 deaths by May 27.

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