United Way of Olmsted County has teamed up with Rochester's very own C.A.K.E the Caring Acts of Kindness Everywhere group (yours truly is involved in this group) to host Minnesota Acts of Kindness week from November 6-10. Each day will have a themed idea on how you can participate in this group effort. The goal of this project is to spread love and see what effect a single random (really, intentional) act of kindness can have on the world - with each person deciding to make a difference can do. If this week can inspire even one person to do a random act of kindness for someone, this was all worth it.

However, don't let distance or schedule prevent you from participating if you can't make the group events. It's encouraged that you to make your own kindness cards, start your own kindness wave, and watch the effect you can have on your community just by being kind. More details of the themed days coming soon!

We'd love to see what you do! Share pictures throughout the week and don't forget to tag #MNkindness #CAKE #uwolmsted #LiveKindlyLiveUnited

Speaking of kindness, what did you think of this ultimate act of kindness Selena Gomez received? Pretty amazing!

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