A big event that many Minnesotans were looking forward to has been canceled for this winter. The Minnesota Ice Festival was supposed to kick off January 5th but that now isn't happening.

Minnesota Ice Festiva Canceled for 2024

The Minnesota Ice Festival is a part of the Minnesota Viking's Winter SKOLstice celebration that they host at TCO Stadium in Eagan. They had big plans for this year to break the world record for the largest ice maze.

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Snack Media_Minnesota Ice
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Above is a picture from last year's ice maze, which looks amazing!

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The festival was also going to feature ice games, live ice carving competitions, a multi-lane ice slide where you could race your friends and family, and a skating rink.

People ice skating on the ice rink in winter.

But none of those festivities will be taking place this year. Who or what is to blame? Unfortunately, something that is out of our control.

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Why the Minnesota Ice Festival is Canceled for 2024

The official announcement was made yesterday that the festival would be canceled. The reason is the weather. This winter, so far, has been way too warm to safely construct an ice maze and other ice activities. It also wouldn't be safe for any guests to visit the structure.

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They also wrote in their announcement that the "uncharacteristically warm winter ... raises safety concerns for attendees and staff [and] also casts uncertainty on the overall aesthetic of the event."

Winter SKOLstice is Still On!

In the announcement, too, they remind everyone that the other festivities that are part of the Winter SKOLstice are still going on. Those include the Magic of Lights display, the Winter Markets, and enjoying a drink and food in the Warming Haus.

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