A 47-year-old Minnesota man was recently arrested by the Wisconsin State Patrol for driving under the influence. If he's convicted this would be his 10th offense!

 A US News report says Lawrence La Pole has a long list of driving violations, including felony convictions for drunken driving, dating to 1989. Alcoholism is a scary disease. I hope he gets the help he needs before something tragic happens.

Jon Cummings, the executive director of Minnesotans for Safe Driving, told Fox 9 that it's time to get tough on repeat offenders. “It’s bigger than terrorism in this country.”

According to MADD: 27 Americans are killed by a drunk driver, every day - That's nearly 10,000 each year. 503 people were arrested for DUI in Minnesota over the 4th of July holiday weekend.

Last year Samm and I participated in a controlled drinking experiment, with the Minnesota State Patrol, to demonstrate how quickly alcohol can impair your abilities. Watch and learn about the DUI penalties in Minnesota:

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