Remember when Heely shoes were all the rage? Kids were wearing them everywhere, effortlessly gliding across floors in crowded malls, and sometimes totally biffing it. It was awesome. I wanted a pair so bad, and my mom was having none of it.

Now I'm living my Heely fantasy through a man from Minnesota who goes by JamesG, real name being James Geisler. James is a musician, producer, and self-proclaimed Heely-er who lives in St. Paul.

Since dedicating the majority of his time to hip-hop music, James has developed a unique style & sound. His music is often times described as borderline comedic, yet there is typically an underlying message or story that is being told. He is known for his strong stage presence & interaction while performing.

He is also known for posting videos of Heely tricks to the internet, often accompanied by his music. Two birds, one stone.

I learned about JamesG from a video my fiance was watching on Facebook, we had just been reminiscing about Heely shoes and this popped up, immediately piquing our interest. Then we found out this Heely legend was from Minnesota and we were even more invested. LADBible described him as the "king of Heely tricks" and "a viral sensation." This legend even Heelys in the snow. Hardcore.

I've never wanted to own a pair of Heelys so bad in my life, and that includes 6th grade me when they were at their height of popularity.

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