We've all complained, whether privately or publicly, about a poorly served meal. Shoot, I've been out on dates where I've witnessed people go out of their way to bitch about getting their money back because something was wrong with their dinner. But would anyone in their right mind actually call the cops due to report such a travesty?

Well, one guy did.

According to Reddit user GopherForceMN, last month a man was so pissed his Whopper was cold he did exactly that. (Bonus points for dubbing this a "cold case" by the way! HI-larious!)

It happened at a Burger King in Blaine, and yes it does indeed appear in the Blaine Police Department blotter for August 8-14.

So what happened? As you would expect, nothing. Police regarded it to be a civil matter and let it be just that. So for anyone who's ever wanted to be "that guy/girl" and take your dissatisfaction to a whole 'nother level - Don't. Because you'll just end up looking silly like this dude.

No telling if he ever did get that Whopper though... and really, that's the real crime here.

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