Capt. Steve Guptill of the Army National Guard has been deployed to Kuwait for 9 months. At home in Eagan, MN were his wife, Becca Guptill, and two daughters, 8-year-old Olivia and 5-year-old Caitlyn.

Capt. Guptill knew that it was possible he would be home in time for Christmas when he saw a letter that Olivia wrote to Santa. He told WCCO that her letter said "‘Dear Santa, I have a very special request this year. I really want you to bring my daddy home for Christmas,'”

On Wednesday he actually ended up being able to come home and surprise his daughters for Christmas! He set up a plan with his wife, Becca. He met her at the Mall of America where she was going to take their daughters to the Santa Experience.

When Olivia and Caitlyn sat down on Santa's lap and he asked what they wanted for Christmas and Olivia immediately said she wanted her dad to come home. They took photos and then, WCCO reports, Santa "said he had something for them. 'Look what I found,' said Santa, leading their dad in."

Olivia has officially decided this is the best Christmas ever!

Check out the sweet video:


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