I moved to Minnesota nearly 15-years ago, and the thing I love most about living here is the people. We don't stop. Minnesotans are always looking for a good time.  Mother Nature could easily be a big party pooper, but nope. From Ice Bars in the winter to music festivals in the summer we embrace the elements to have fun throughout the entire year.

WalletHub just released 2022's Most Fun States in America using two categories, “Entertainment & Recreation” and “Nightlife” to rank all 50 states. Find out why Minnesota ranked so high below.

How Is The Nightlife in Minnesota?

Several things were examined when scoring the nightlife in each state including the average cost of beer and wine, the number of bars, the average cost of a movie ticket, the number of casinos per capita, and the number of music festivals/concerts.


The party doesn't stop when the sun goes down here.

Minnesota is the 6th best state for nightlife fun.

Minnesota's Entertainment & Recreation Ranking

From time to time, I see people complain about being bored on social media and I wonder if they're even trying. There is so much to do every single day here in Minnesota. (See our Summer Fun Guide Below.)

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The number of attractions, restaurants per capita, amusement parks per capita, golf course per capita, movie theaters per capita, miles of shoreline, beach quality, number of state and county fairs, and state parks were used to rank each state in the "entertainment and recreation" category.

mature man driving speedboat

Minnesota ranked 11th in the country for entertainment and recreation.

Minnesota's Overall Fun Ranking

Each of the items listed above came with a score and WalletHub added all of those numbers up to determine the most fun states in the country.

California won the title of most fun with a score of 63.6.

Minnesota ranked 9th with a score of 45.21.

Source: WalletHub

The Ultimate 2022 Summer-Fun Guide For Southeast Minnesota

You and the family are sure to be searching for plenty of fun events that will get you outside and enjoying the Minnesota summer sun!

Below you will find The Ultimate 2022 Summer-Fun Guide for Southeast Minnesota! All of the biggest events that our area has to offer. If we missed one, let us know on our app today!

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