A Minnesota law enforcement officer responding to a suspicious person call made a hilarious discovery when responding to where this person was reportedly up to no good.

A suspicious person report in Central Minnesota sets the scene

The Stearns County Sheriff's Office (in the greater St. Cloud area) received a call from a concerned citizen late last week that seemed concerning.

The caller reported that a suspicious person was seen walking along a rural Stearns County road carrying a gun. The person filing the report described the individual as an elderly male carrying a shotgun along a township road. As the witness drove by this person, the elderly male reportedly tried to hide the weapon.

Stearns County Sheriff's Office on Facebook
Stearns County Sheriff's Office on Facebook

That certainly sounds suspicious, right? It isn't hunting season and the person tried hiding what appeared to be a gun as someone drove by. It sounds like something straight out of the TV show Fargo, doesn't it?

It turns out the guy wasn't the least bit malicious, but the situation was still very entertaining!

The deputy makes a hilarious discovery while investigating

Responding to the scene, Deputy Jensen with the Stearns County Sherriff's Department found an individual in the area that matched the description of the suspicious person reported by the passerby who called in the account.

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As Deputy Jensen made contact with the person, the potentially scary situation quickly became hilarious. As the sheriff's office shared on social media, the elderly man explained he was out for a walk, carrying a walking stick - which is what was mistaken as a shotgun.

The elderly man explained he was using the walking stick as a prop as he played air guitar to the music he was listening to. When he realized a vehicle was coming, he tried hiding the walking stick out of embarrassment.

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This. Is. Amazing. Shoutout to the old guy rocking out while on his walk!

I have 100% been guilty of doing stuff like this while walking around and listening to music. I know I've been seen dancing around and playing air guitar or air drums on more than one occasion. Thankfully I've managed to avoid using props to avoid making me look too suspicious.

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