Are we having fun yet? Another week in March brought another round of unneeded snow, which is causing a lot of issues across the Northland. From parking complications to fatigued residents tasked with clearing snow, I think most people are ready for spring.

I double-checked the calendar to make sure spring hadn't been removed for the Twin Ports area and, rest assured, spring is still awaiting on Monday, March 20, even though more snow is likely on the way this week.

All of this snow can cause issues for residents tasked with removing it. For example, at my house, we are running out of places to put the new snow. I literally need to climb on snow banks with a shovel to lower them just so we can look out for cars while leaving our house.

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Keeping snow levels at bay is also important when it comes to gas meters, and furnace, boiler, and dryer vents. The City of Duluth’s Public Works and Utilities Department reached out this week to remind residents that they all need to be free and clear of snow and ice.

They point out that this preventative action will help residents and property owners avoid unscheduled gas outages or unintended gas releases and keep gas appliances functioning properly.

As a best practice, it is best to use hand tools, and never strike or hammer on the equipment, or use an open flame or another ignition source when clearing snow or ice from gas meters.

This winter has also brought the potential of snow covering gas appliance exhausts, so the public is asked to monitor exhaust venting and keep it clear of snow and ice. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended that all dwellings have a carbon monoxide detector in an indoor location where it can be heard while sleeping.

The City says it's also a great time to check the batteries of existing carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they’re functioning properly.

As a reminder, if you smell gas or suspect carbon monoxide in your property, you are advised to please contact the City of Duluth/Comfort Systems at (218) 730-4100 or call 911.

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