The NFL is adjusting some rules to allow for the Minnesota Vikings to make a dramatic change to their uniform in future seasons.

Everything in the NFL is very structured, and this is especially true for team uniforms, everything is covered in the league's uniform policy, which covers everything from shoes to helmets, the regulations are very specific, and a new change in that policy will allow for more variety in the design of the uniforms.

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What's New in The NFL Uniform Policy?

In 2022 the NFL started to allow teams to have alternate helmets, in the past the rule was that players would only use one helmet for the entire season, helmets can provide better protection if they have a lengthy “break-in” period. But this latest change will allow yet another option for teams starting as soon as this season.

The latest change in the NFL uniform policy would allow for the Minnesota Vikings and other teams in the league to add a third helmet option for game day. The NFL has decided to allow teams that are currently re-designing their uniforms to add a third helmet for the 2024 season, and all NFL teams can take advantage of the policy change starting in the 2025 season.

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Are The Vikings Re-Designing Their Uniforms for 2024 or 2025?

It's being reported that the Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Denver Broncos, New York Jets and Cleveland Browns are the current teams that are undergoing a re-deign for the 2024 season. Teams that want to make the change for the 2025 season need to inform the league of their intentions by May 1st of 2024.

The Minnesota Vikings did re-design of their throwback uniform last season, but it has been a minute since the regular home and away designs have been dramatically altered, so many a new design complete with 3 helmet designs are coming soon.

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The new policy says, "The second and third helmets, also known as "alternate color helmets," can only be worn with one of the club's authorized optional uniforms (classic, alternate and/or color rush)."

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