Is it football season yet?!

Training Camp for the Minnesota Vikings is only 11 days away. The beginning of the NFL regular season is only 57 days away. But who's counting?

Sure the Twins are doing better this year, and the Wolves are having a spectacular offseason by bringing in Jimmy Butler via trade from the Chicago Bulls and signing some other key free agents... But this state craves its football!

Which is why I think this picture is so cool:

Reddit user "aMinnesotabro" posted a screenshot of a Snapchat photo to the account of the Viking head logo along with "SKOL" in a field.

No doubt this Vikings fan put in a ton of hours of time and dedication to get this field looking perfect, and I must say it looks amazing!

There's no shortage of ways to show support for your favorite team, and this fan certainly let his pride show with this act. Well done!

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