A Facebook post describing the kind acts of Minnesota Wild player has been liked and shared hundreds of times. Nicholas Swanson says he was driving home and noticed a car stalled in the middle of the road. He stopped to help and noticed someone else was already assisting the couple who had a young child with them.

"As I was walking up to the cars, I immediately recognized the guy that had stopped to help as Matt Dumba from the Minnesota Wild. I eventually learned that Mr. Dumba had already gone to the gas station and got a gas tank with some gas for the gentlemen so he could get his car started...   We helped jump-start his vehicle and the smile and amount of joy was priceless as he hugged and thanked us."

If you've ever been stranded during the frigid winter months you know how stressful waiting for help can be. It's easy to assume that everyone has a cell phone and can call for help, but that's not always the case. Perhaps, this story will inspire more of us to pull over and offer assistance when we see people in need.

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