SANDSTONE -- The latest Netflix documentary craze "Tiger King" has wild animal ownership in the spotlight.

For Tammy Theis, founder of the Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota, the series was too focused on human drama and not on the real crisis of big cat ownership.

But they are still seizing the moment to try and make a difference, launching Tiger Amnesty Week.

We are in the rescue business if someone has a pet that they're getting overwhelmed, or can't afford it, that they shouldn't have, call us. We're not here to villify you, we're not here to turn you in to authorities, we're want to be the solution to get those animals into a better space.

Theis says they have six open habitats and can tap into a network of other sanctuaries to find safe landing spots for any animal that may be surrendered.

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This story courtesy of the Minnesota News Network.

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