A Minnesota woman felt uncomfortable by the amount of jiggle in her wiggle and decided to do something about that. So, the Minnetonka lawyer invented the "Bra-Bridge" to provide more support.

Judy Samson told KARE 11, "I'm kind of larger-breasted... I was walking downtown Minneapolis and I saw the bouncing in sort of my reflection as I was walking... So I got home and I looked in the mirror and I thought, 'Okay, I gotta do something about this."

On her website Samson says, "The beauty of the Bra Bridge is that it is so simple, essentially giving you a custom bra fit with every bra you wear, lifting and holding your breasts securely in place. My mission is to help women of all shapes and sizes gain confidence about their shape and the way they look both in personal and professional life, giving them a positive body image that translates into self-confidence and growth. "

The support system comes three different colors and 3-packs sell for $19.95. Find local retailers on the Bra Bridge website or order online at Amazon.


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