This rain is blah, and after having such a nice sunny day Saturday, it can be hard to roll into Monday with some enthusiasm. So let's kick off Monday right with some motivation.

There are ways you can increase your happiness through some simple strategies. We're going to harness the gurus in happiness from the likes of Oprah, Tony Robbins and our very own, Dr. Amit Sood at Mayo Clinic.

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    Like yourself 'cause there's no one like you

    First and foremost, you gotta like yourself, and if you don't, seek the supportive network around you. Write down several things you like about yourself. If you can't come up with anything, ask your friends what they like about you.

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    Be positive

    It may sound super easy, but sometimes we have to choose or keep surrounding ourselves with positive influence. I like to browse Pinterest and find inspiring positive quotes through the day.

  • 3

    Do random acts of kindness!

    Tony Robbins shares that the most fulfilling emotion is altruism. Doing acts of kindness makes you feel good and it makes the recipient feel great too! Win-win!

  • 4

    Watch the "Happy" documentary on Netflix

    I tell people about the "Happy" documentary on Netflix all.the.time. Why? Because it's so good and has scientific affirmation on ways that you can increase your happiness. Just watching it increases those emotions of happiness!

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