We've been hearing about the "Walz Checks" for a few months now.  It seemed like that idea had fallen away.  Well, it resurfaced again recently.

Governor Tim Walz would like to use Minnesota's $9 Billion surplus money to help out several areas. One of which would be to give Minnesotans some money back.  $1000 to single people and $2000 to couples/families.  This was a huge part of his campaign trail promises.

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Getting this passed might be a tough go, as not everyone in the Democratic party agrees with this idea.

According to WCCO, House Speaker Melissa Hortman had this statement:

"We have to have 68 votes to get anything through the Minnesota House of Representatives. I'm not sure if we have 68 votes for that," Hortman said. "We haven't had the chance to appoint our tax chair and to figure out whether that's the direction we're ready to go."

Some of the other things that Minnesota legislation is looking at are these issues:

 Among the initiatives they will be tackling includes making the right to an abortion a state law, more money for education, paid family leave, and even legalized marijuana. 

We will have to wait until the beginning of the year to see if any or all of these things will come to pass.  The last time the Democrats had a "trifecta" in Minnesota ws in 2012 and Mark Dayton was the governor.  That year they passed same sex marriage and all day free Kindergarten.

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