I couldn't believe it when I saw that Pink will be the first woman to do this in Minnesota. I was surprised! In case you don't know, Pink is going on tour next year and one of her stops is in Minnesota. While she's on that tour is when she'll make history.

Pink Coming to Minnesota on Tour

Pink's show in Minnesota will be on August 10th of next year. She'll be bringing legend Pat Benetar with her as her opener. She's calling it the Summer Carnival Tour and I'd guess that's because of all of the stunts she usually does during her shows. I'll be excited to see what she has planned for next summer's tour!

PINK Beautiful Trauma World Tour 2018 - Melbourne
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Pink Will be the First Female Headliner at Target Field

When Pink stops in Minnesota she'll be performing at Target Field. According to the Star Tribune, Pink will be the first-ever female headliner at Target Field. I couldn't believe it!

Target Field has been open since April of 2010. Yes, you can only have concerts there during warm months, so maybe half the year if we're lucky. But you're telling me that in the last 12 years there hasn't once been a female headline performer at Target Field? Well it's about time that changed!

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I have know idea why female artists haven't headlined there before. It's entirely possible that the women who have come to Minnesota on tour just prefer a different venue, we have plenty to choose from. But I'm still pumped to have Pink be the first female headliner at Target Field, regardless of why it took so long.

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