At my high school we had a mini TV station where we did a newscast that broadcasted to the high school TVs once per week. Jobs always rotated and when I was assigned co-anchor I remember, during our practice run, my teacher told me I was talking way too fast. I hadn't even noticed! And according to this recent study, it totally makes sense that I wouldn't notice because we Minnesotans are fast talkers.

The study I'm referring to was done by a site called Preply. They "analyzed data from two nationwide studies based on YouTube videos and call recordings." With that data, they ranked each state based on syllables per second.


Fastest Talking States in the Country

So Minnesotans are fast talkers, but where do we rank in the top 10?

10. Vermont

9. Nebraska

8. South Dakota

7. New Hampshire

6. Massachusetts

5. North Dakota

4. Kansas

3. Iowa

2. Oregon

1. Minnesota

Look at that! We're the fastest talkers in the country according to this study! Do you agree with that? I definitely think Minnesotans talk quickly so I'm not arguing this one.

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Slowest Talking States in the Country

If you had to guess the states that are the slowest talking, you'd pick states in the south, right? Well, you'd be correct.

10. Illinois

9. Texas

8. North Carolina

7. Arkansas

6. New Mexico

5. Georgia

4. Alabama

3. Mississippi

2. South Carolina

1. Louisiana

Louisiana has been named the slowest-talking state in the country. The one I was surprised to see among the slowest-talking states is Illinois. They're so close to many of the fastest-talking states, I didn't think they'd be the top 10 slowest.

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