When booking a trip, Spirit never fails to pop up with the cheapest tickets. In fact, I just ordered some tickets for an upcoming trip this summer and it cost me half as much to take Spirit. They have impressive rates, and now they are about to up their in-flight game. They just announced that they are adding WiFi capabilities to all their planes - making them the first "low-cost airline" to add this amenity.

Spirit Airlines' Pilots Reach Contract Agreement, Strike Ends
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Adding the WiFi is just one of the changes they've made with their strategy to “invest in the guest" and its ongoing effort to improve customers' experiences with the carrier.

It won't be free, but it is definitely affordable - like their flights. Spirit says its Web-browsing and streaming options will have an average price of $6.50, “with a cost range expected to be lower or higher based on the route and demand."

According to KARE 11, Spirit plans on adding WiFi capabilities to all of their planes by next summer.

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