Usher killed it in Las Vegas for Super Bowl 58! I loved hearing his hits and seeing the squad on rollerskates was a cool touch. Get this – those skates were made in Minnesota! Riedell Skates in Red Wing, Minnesota, took months to handcraft those bad boys.

The entire show has created quite a buzz, and fans are already making guesses about the next superstar for the upcoming Super Bowl. Have someone special in mind? Hit the chat button on our app to share your thoughts and discover who Minnesota is cheering for to headline the stage in 2025.

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Who Should Perform At Super Bowl 59?

The team at conducted a survey to find out which artist fans are rooting for to headline next year's Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Right after the 2024 Super Bowl, they reached out to 2,000 American residents to get their opinions on who should take the stage next year. 67% of the survey participants were male, 31% were female, 1% identified as non-binary, and another 1% chose to label themselves as other.

Minnesota's Choice for Next Year's Super Bowl Halftime Show Performer

The survey got a bunch of responses, and people suggested big names like Metallica, Eminem, BTS, Drake, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, and Post Malone. But, Minnesota has a different top pick in mind.

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People from Minnesota are hoping to see Taylor Swift perform at Super Bowl 59 on Sunday, February 9, 2025, in New Orleans.

Taylor declined the opportunity to perform this year, with the Daily Mail noting that she's in "no rush" for the Halftime show, partly due to her busy schedule, including the ongoing Eras Tour. The Eras tour will be wrapped up by then, so who knows? We might just get to see Taylor Swift steal the show!

Taylor Swift at the 2024 Super Bowl

See Taylor Swift at the 2024 Super Bowl.

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