Think the Ride Share of bikes, or the Netflix of movies. Now, Minnesota has a kayak vending machine. Here are the details. 

My husband is constantly talking about boats, kayaks, canoes and jet-skis! I'm always the practical one that says "we can't afford to buy a new vehicle to haul it and/or a trailer, PLUS the maintenance alone is out of this world (for motor vehicles more so). Not to mention, where do we store it? If we lived on a lake, that would be a different story, BUT we don't so renting is the go-to (for now)."

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know I should be arrested by the fun police. I love getting out on the water as much as the next person, just not ready to own something. That is exactly why this new paddle share has me wishing and hoping for an appearance in Rochester.

Imagine heading out to Chester Woods, Foster Errand or Silver Lake empty handed (don't forget your wallet though). You walk up to this paddle share machine that gives you a life jacket and the kayak of your choosing. You then hit the water, and enjoy the outdoors. Once you're done, you return all the stuff. It ranges from $20-40 to rent in Minneapolis right now.

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