A new restaurant in Minneapolis, Minnesota is creating a buzz because of what is and isn’t on the menu. The recently opened establishment has a full bar, but there is no alcohol. Instead, diners can choose to add THC to their drinks and food.

FYI, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive component in cannabis. It is what gets people high and it’s what’s for dinner at Hi Flora! Read more about Minnesota’s first THC restaurant below.

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Current regulations prohibit cannabis-infused foods from being served to dine-in customers but the restaurant has figured out a way to legally serve customers.

Heather Klein told Axios the restaurant does not include THC in any of its dishes or drinks. Instead, customers can purchase a 3 oz. bottle with a dropper that contains THC, beet, juniper, and several other herbs, and do with it what they please.


A few drops on your entrée, a few drops in your beverage… Boom, you’re staring at the sky with your mouth open wide! Ok, not really.

The effects of an edible actually take about an hour to kick in so you won’t feel anything until you’re getting ready to leave the restaurant, and the dosage is really small so you most likely won’t be floored.

Klein told CBS News, "It's a fun microdose experience for guests."


The vegan restaurant looks super chill with mood lighting.

Hi Flora! is located at 2558 Lyndale Avenue South in Minneapolis and is open Wednesday-Sunday from 5:00 PM- 11:00 PM. Check out their Instagram to learn more.

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