Jennifer Sanneman, owner of Essence Skin Clinic put a plea out asking for the public to help. Her tiny Maltese puppy, Mia, was taken in front of her clinic. Mia ran out of the clinic unexpectedly. A woman walked by, described to be in her mid 40's-50's with brassy blonde hair wearing jeans and a creme white coat with fur around the collar, scooped Mia up. Sanneman tried pursuing them, hopping in a car to track them down. Unfortunately, the two vanished - no where to be found.

Sanneman sought help from the community using the power of social media. She posted a compelling video closing in on 7K views and hundreds of shared posts asking folks to keep an eye out for Mia. Well, it worked! Mia was found safe and sound 2.5 hours away! She shared an update on her Facebook:

Look who is back in my arms safe! Mia was found 2.5 hours from Rochester. David and I are on our way back home now. Thank you for all your prayers and sharing the posts. Because of all of you she is back right where she belongs. I couldn’t have found Mia without you. God bless you all 💗


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