We've all seen the ads on TV, heard the ads on radio. Mike Lindell has been pushing his "MyPillow" for years.  Is it the best pillow?  Maybe for some it is, but that is all in your own opinion based on your own sleep needs.  MyPillow, along with some of the other products that go along with it, like a mattress topper and cover, a neck pillow and some others, will no longer be sold at big box stores.  This includes Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl's and a few more.


So, what is the issue?  Lindell says this is the best pillow you will ever use.  If it isn't the best pillow, there is a money back guarantee.  With that guarantee, what's the problem?

Apparently, the problem comes from not the product itself.  The issue comes from Lindell's political behavior.  There was a video in a Tweet from Lindell that was talking about what needs to happen after the incident at the Capital last Wednesday, January 6th.   According to an article with Newsweek, part of the video has Lindell making this statement:

Lindell feels that he  has been unfairly targeted, and hopes that the vendors that he had for his products will come back.

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The article goes on to state that there was also a picture of Lindell with Trump with some notes.

Obviously, these notes, along with the photo could have been taken out of context.  But with cancel culture as it is, vendors of the MyPillow products have pulled out... for now, anyway.

Meanwhile, apparently he also has a problem with Dominion Voting Systems.  They have made Lindell aware that they are planning to sue him over statements that he made in November over possible fraud in the election. Lindell is standing by his statements.

Lindell said he welcomed litigation from the company. "I welcome Dominion to sue me. I welcome it. Please. Please sue me... and then you can show us all about your machines," he said.

And the saga continues.

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