More than half of the pups that were saved are just puppies, never having a real home!

animalhumanemn via Instagram
animalhumanemn via Instagram

The Animal Humane Society’s Critical Response Team rescued 104 dogs/puppies from an abandoned property in Lincoln County, Minnesota.

In an interview with KAAL, Michele Quandt, the Director of Camp Companion said “About 5 to 10 dogs were living in each enclosure which was not very big for them. They were living in their own feces.”

Sadly, many of the dogs they rescued are suffering from severe health and behavior issues. At last check, six died from Parvovirus; a highly contagious disease.

According to KAAL TV, Camp Companion is taking things slow with the pups. Giving them a home, and working with them to socialize with other dogs.

How can you help animals in need? There are many different ways to help. Click here to find out more.

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