Every once in awhile I'll ask my 3-year-old son what he wants to be when he grows up. His answer has never changed. He wants to be a construction worker and drive big diggers. My daughter's response is always - PINK! She just turned 2 so I'm pretty sure she doesn't understand the question or maybe she really wants to be the pop singer.

What do your kids want to be when they grow up? A new survey reveals that kids want to be musicians, doctors, and pro athletes but the most popular choice was a YouTube Star.  Before you laugh you should know how much money a YouTube Star can make.

KARE 11 caught up with Tyler Blevins who goes by the name Ninja on Youtube. Blevins live streams his video games and has over 10 million subscribers. He makes more in a month than most of us will in 10-years. The TV station reports: "Between his Twitch live stream gameplay, YouTube views, prize money, and endorsements, Ninja says he makes $500,000 a month."

$500,000 a month!?!?! Perhaps you should think twice before scolding your kids about being on their Xbox all day.

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