Meet Brittany Baker, she's co-owner of MedCity Doulas. First impressions of her might make you think that the soft gentle spoken demeanor wouldn't have some fierceness about her, but she does. She's all about empowering women through gentle work and coaching in her love of being a doula. You might also be wondering about the title of this post regarding placentas. A form of alternative medicine that's becoming increasingly popular is consuming your placenta post-birth as it is believed to provide some health benefits. Brittany and I discussed placenta smoothies and she shared that it's only a couple of ice cubes of placenta blended in with strawberries or cherries, virtually masking an unusual tastes. And while it might sound gross, lots of people are doing it.

Eating your placenta after birth, a practice called placentophagy, isn’t new. Most mammals do it, and it has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. The Columbus Dispatch

I was very curious about all of this so had to connect with Brittany. Here's my five question snapshot with her:

DT: What got you interested in Doula work?

BB: My personal birth and postpartum experience got me interested in doula work. I saw gaps in the model of care and knew it could be so much better!

DT: We talked about placenta smoothies, what are some other ways to re-purpose placenta and why?

BB: At MedCity Doulas we offer placenta capsules, tinctures and chocolates in addition to smoothies for consumption. We also can incorporate them into prints and keepsakes. Others may choose to honor the placenta by planting it or it can be prepared like other meats and consumed, say like placenta tacos or placenta meat loaf!

DT: Why do you think the role of a doula is important?

BB: Doulas are important because how you are made to feel during birth leaves a lifelong impression on your life. Our modern society has become isolated and individualistic -- all families greatly benefit from the unbiased support of a professional doula.

DT: What's the most interesting experience you've had thus far?

BB: Being stopped in the grocery store parking lot when someone thought my demo (teaching) doll was MY baby in the hatchback of my station wagon. That is tied with preparing liver drop soup per request of a postpartum client, I'm used to preparing placentas but liver soup got me!

DT:  Who inspires you or what's your favorite inspiring quote?

BB: This will sound totally cheesy, but Emma Watson. She is unapologetically authentic. As women, we should lead and not ask for permission. It's time to get comfortable with being outside our comfort zone.

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