To find out that my genealogical roots reside in Boston, Massachusetts is an understatement. My heart now belongs to Boston too. This past weekend, I was in Boston to meet some relatives that I had discovered a week ago through and Facebook. (To make a long story short) Forced to make some tough decisions, my grandmother left my mom and her siblings at a Catholic orphanage (I am still trying to locate which one) in Boston. That was the last time my mom ever saw her mother. In 2005, we finally obtained my grandmothers full name and I started searching for her only to discover after finding my great-grandmothers obituary that my grandmother had passed away years prior.

In my quest to find more details, I kept hitting road blocks on my searches. Last Monday, things changed though. I started searching again and the optimization of search engines, as well as the content available on the internet had dramatically expanded. I discovered potential relative names and contacted them via Facebook. Next thing I know, I had Aunts, Uncles and lots of cousins.

On Saturday morning I was flying out of Minnesota and into Boston. Here’s a bit of my journey:

I met a cousin, her children and husband. And I met a Uncle! It was a surreal moment. I cannot put into words, I am still processing the entire experience. To not know the people who are supposed to be in your life and all of a sudden to know them changes everything. I have attached some pics of my Boston trip. We did some sightseeing, enjoyed the original Boston cream pie and of course I had lobster!

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