Have you ever noticed while walking around downtown Rochester, MN or driving around that you’ll randomly see a single black sock laying around? Not a pair, just one. And it’s almost always a black sock. What’s up with that? Rochester man Brett Pauley has been wondering the same thing.

Back in early 2020, Brett started noticing this one, lonely black sock that was left in a stairwell he used. It was there for weeks. He eventually decided to take a picture of it and make a snarky comment. Then it moved! And then he started noticing single black socks everywhere.

So far it has been a mystery that no one can solve. It’s not a pair of socks it’s always only one sock and for some reason, it’s always a black sock. Brett says, in a video he posted on Facebook back in 2020, that now he gets pictures sent to him from his mom, his aunt, his friends, and even strangers of single black socks they find. He says they aren’t just in Rochester, they’re being found all over, like Chicago, the North Shore, even Hawaii and Brazil.

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Have you ever noticed single black socks randomly around Rochester, or anywhere else for that matter? Now that I think about it I feel like I’ve seen them around but I’ve never taken special note of it. I bet I’ll start seeing them everywhere now though. And when you do see a single black sock make sure to take a picture and send it to Brett! Just kidding, I doubt he wants to be bombarded with random people sending him sock pictures.

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