Nelly is facing backlash on social media due to resurfaced videos that show him serenading young girls onstage during his concerts.

Last week, videos began to surface online of multiple Nelly concerts. In the clips, the rapper is crooning intimately to underage girls. One clip shows Nelly onstage with a young Black girl.

“Are you nervous? I’m nervous," Nelly tells the girl while holding her hand. He then directs the girl to stand face-to-face with him and tells her to hold his glasses. The St. Louis, Mo. rhymer then grabs strands of the girl's hair and sings his 2004 single "Over and Over" while just inches from the girl's face.

Since then, at least one more video has surfaced that shows Nelly pulling a similar stunt at another show. In this video, Nelly has a young White girl onstage who looks extremely nervous while being awkwardly serenaded by the 48-year-old entertainer.

The videos have caused backlash on social media, with people weighing in on the disturbing clips.

"Wow now nelly… why would he be serenading children on stage?!" one person wrote along with an angry face emoji.

"OUTRAGED!" another person tweeted. "This shit is insane. I know those of you that love and support R. Kelly wont see anything wrong here, BUT, for the rest of us, why is it okay for a GROWN ass man, NELLY, now to be referred to as R. Nelly, to call an 8 YEAR OLD girl on stage and sing to her rubbing all."

"Nelly playing in that little bitty ass girl’s hair on stage made me uncomfortable," someone else posted after seeing one of the clips.

XXL has reached out to Nelly's team for comment.

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