How convenient is this?! We have tons of apps already like Bite Squad, Door Dash, etc., etc. that allow you to have food delivered from tons of different restaurants. Of course, you could never order something through these apps in the airport because they'd have to come through security, it'd take up way too much time, not gonna happen. Until... the AtYourGate app!

This new app allows you to order food from restaurants in MSP while you're waiting at your gate and it will be delivered to you! Right now there are only 8 restaurants on the list for MSP but Bring Me the News says that AtYourGate says more options will likely be added soon including retailers so you could order a last minute gift and have it delivered right to you.

Here are the restaurants that are available on the AtYourGate app at MSP right now:

Black Sheep Pizza

Camden Food Co.

Holy Land Deli


Panda Express


Red Cow

Salty Tart Bakery

They say that you will get your delivery within 30 minutes of ordering. And, of course, there's a delivery fee which costs $2.99.


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