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On September 24th, 2020, the headline was, "Major Update – Dollar Fresh NOT Replacing Erdman’s in Kasson." Conversations with the community determined something bigger was wanted. So, instead, a full on Hy-Vee was planned for the store. And soon, they'll be open to the public.

Here's how it breaks down; Erdman's Country Market in Kasson closed at the end of September. Construction to turn it into a Hy-Vee store started October 1st, and that construction will be done Monday, November 16th and it'll be ready to open.

Tuesday, November 17th the Kasson Hy-Vee will open at 6AM and then be open 7 days a week from 6AM - 10PM. If its anything like most grocery store grand openings in Southeast Minnesota, it'll be packed. If you're from out of the area...its just a Minnesota thing.

New Kasson Hy-Vee Fun Facts

  • Size: 35,233 square feet
  • Number of Employees: 123 (29 full time)
  • Number of Items: 24,491 items
    • 1,676 specialty
    • 1,650 HealthMarket
    • 330 fresh produce (85 organic)
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As mentioned above, the Kasson community was not excited about a smaller version of Hy-Vee, so a full-service meat department and bakery continue to be a part of the store. as well as a pharmacy and Hy-Vee Market Grille Express (with seating for quick eating).

Grocery delivery and self-check-out lanes will also be available, just as with the Rochester stores.

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